An Inglenook For Books—Sunset, May, 1991

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An inglenook for books—Sunset, May, 1991

Most inglenooks are organized around a fireplace, but this one flanks a doorway instead. In Molly and Mark Wood's house, it's the favorite spot for curling up with a good book. The small, 6- by 9'/2-foot alcove between living room and master bedroom is both a hallway and a miniature library. Built-in foam-covered benches flank the door; above them, more than 50 linear feet of shelves wrap the space. Bench lids lift up for storage. Architect Ronald Beyer of Redding, California, designed the hall to create a graceful flow between rooms. An arch frames the space, helping to create the impression that it's more than a hallway.

COPYRIGHT 1991 Sunset Publishing Corp.

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